Products We Manufacture

United Fire Systems is a division of United Fire Protection Corporation specializing in the manufacturing of fire suppression equipment. 

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Our products have unique qualities and features that set them apart from comparable competitor’s products. Reputation, accompanied by years of industry expertise, are the driving factors that enable us to design and manufacture state-of-the-art protection equipment that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our current product offerings include:


  • PREACTION-PAC™ is a Factory Mutual (FM)/NYC Approved integrated preaction sprinkler cabinet assembly.
  • NITROGEN-PAC™ is a Factory Mutual (FM) Approved nitrogen generating system which stops internal sprinkler pipe corrosion in preaction and dry sprinkler systems.
  • STANDPIPE-PAC™ is a standpipe pressurized air supervisory system required in NYC during demolition and construction in high rise buildings.
  • AR-1 Air Vent for Wet Sprinkler Systems is a Factory Mutual (FM) Approved device for automatically releasing the trapped air from the high point(s) of a wet sprinkler system.
  • NAMD-1 Pressure Maintenance Device is a Factory Mutual (FM) Approved device designed to automatically regulate and maintain the flow of air or nitrogen into dry-pipe sprinkler systems or preaction sprinkler pipe.
  • CMA-1 Corrosion Monitor Assembly is a device for monitoring the possible corrosion inside of a wet or dry sprinkler system piping.
  • RMAC-LP Riser-Mount Air Compressor is a device that automatically provides compressed air for preaction fire sprinkler and dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems.



Our NITROGEN-PAC™ is a fully integrated nitrogen generator system that introduces high-purity nitrogen into preaction or dry sprinkler piping. It replaces the existing air compressor, providing the necessary supervisory pressure in the form of nitrogen instead of air.


PREACTION-PAC™ is a Factory Mutual (FM) Approved, fully integrated preaction fire suppression assembly. This preaction cabinet includes a preaction valve, compressor, and control panel providing one complete zone of preaction water sprinkler fire protection.


Our STANDPIPE-PAC™ is a fully assembled standpipe supervisory system, including compressor, switches, alarm, and control unit providing one complete zone of standpipe supervision. It is in compliance with New York City’s Local Law 64 and the Boston Fire Department’s TCM3-51725.


We also offer a line of Sprinkler Accessories, including: the Air Vent for Wet Sprinklers Model AR-1, the Pressure Maintenance Device Model NAMD-1, Corrosion Monitor Assembly Model CMA-1, and Riser-Mount Air Compressors Model RMAC-LP.